Doc’s Fish Health Library Available to Subscribers

By “subscribers” I just mean, owners of the new book “Saving Sick Fish” by Dr Erik Johnson available here.

I digitized part of my fish health library. I posted it online with the door locked so I’d be able to read the books from time to time waiting on my fiance to finish some shopping or whatever. The books compile nicely on a smart phone screen.
Each book offers something very useful from beginner to advanced.
Each book is searchable. And if you find something you wanna remember you can highlight and copy text.
But because there is no commercial reason or use for these besides my own edification, you aren’t set to download the files, nor share, nor print them. The work belongs to the copyright holder where applicable. Many of the works don’t have a copyright holder extant, concerned or even ‘still alive’.
Not much has changed however, since 1976- with the workings of a hermit crabs’ gills. No major renovations in 300 million years to be exact hahahaha.